Marybetts has a long-standing interest in natural vision improvement, also known as the Bates Method or "Better Eyesight without Glasses". She has improved her own vision to a great extent and is excited about helping others.

Marybetts is certified as a Natural Improvement Teacher and Coach by the Vision Improvement Center of Fort Collins Colorado (Greg Marsh of Better Eyesight Now). She currently teaches Natural Vision Improvement classes in Corvallis, as well as longer workshops for various retreat centers. She also includes exercises to ease eyestrain and tension in all of her Pediatric Massage classes.

What is the Bates Method? 
One hundred years ago, Dr. William Bates was an opthalmologist and opthalmology professor at Cornell University. After years of experience, he came to believe that many types of vision problems could be imporved through a combination of changing bad visual habits (such as staring) to good ones (such as having an open, expansive way of looking at the world), eye exercises, releasing visual tension, and understanding the importance of mental strain in vision problems. For more information on the Bates Method, see the books Better Vision Now by Clara Hackett, Relearning to See by Thomas Quackebush, or look at the webiste called Better Eyesight Now by Greg Marsh of the Natural Vision Improvement Center.

Students massaging around the eyes to ease eye strain.

Vision students practicing near-far shifting technique

Mennonite Village Wellness Breakfast presentation, Doorways into Natural Vision Improvement

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Baby bird swing technique

Learning to use toys for
eye muscle stretches.
Jakarta students.

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