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Jakarta MomNJo 2013

This was Marybetts' gorilla therapist at the Bali Heritage Spa in Jakarta – what a hoot!

Audience in Bali watches as Marybetts and B. Sunderman, MD work with a disabled boy and his parents

Business dinner meeting with MomNJo staff, Medan, Sumatra

Marybetts teaching MomNJo therapists

Therapists learning Baby Jump Start methods

Islan, Korea 2012

Caregivers tapping trigeminal nerve


Class for caregivers at Holt Korea Orphanage, Islan Korea

Class Caregivers taking class


Facial massage for a woman with cerebral palsy

Jakarta, Indonesia 2012

Class at Momnjo spa, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Principal with students.

Class at Momnjo spas, Jakarta, Medan, Indonesia.

Sign designating school for children with Down Syndrome, Jakarta.

Spa trainer Maryanti with child.

Jakarta, Indonesia 2011

Marybetts with staff of Momnjo spas.L to R: Marybetts, Chilai, Wulan, Maryana. Seated: Fifi Lim, owner, Momnjo spas.

Marybetts and Momnjo owner FifiLim demonstrate massage for children with disabilities.

Marybetts, girl with neuromuscular disability, Rahma (head massage therapist for Momnjo spas), girl's grandmother.

Students, children and staff members at school for children with Down syndrome. Children have warm towels over their eyes, and some are being treated with warm or cold stones

Child enjoys massage while teacher stands by.

Oaxacan children lining up for a parade

Student with the children and mother who are volunteering at Pinapalmera

Students with Marybetts on the last day of class

Marybetts with children and mothers before early intervention class

a girl with cerbral palsy relaxes in the ocean during a water therapy session

Oaxaca, Mexico 2010