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This class is for bodyworkers who use their upper extremities intensively every day and may not do anything on a regular basis  to prepare for their work or to recuperate from it.  Our clients who use their upper extremities intensively can suffer from repetitive stress injuries as well, and all of the skills you will  learn in this class can be used effectively with their injuries!  Many massage therapists learn parts of this material throughout their training, but don’t apply that knowledge to their own bodies in an effective way. It is vital for them to know not only specific strategies to avoid injuries, but also how to incorporate common sense strategies into their own lifestyles, and into  their massage practice in order to help their clients. 

Students will first learn how repetitive stress injuries develop, not only from doing massage but from any other profession that uses the upper body extensively, such as computer work, playing musical instruments,, or sports such as tennis.  Next we learn a variety of exercises to keep the joints mobile and the muscles both strong and supple, restorative hydrotherapy treatments such as salt glows, paraffin dips and castor oil packs, and treatment of triggerpoints. The class concludes with information on how to design a daily or weekly regimen that incorporates these techniques. Finally, how do we help ourselves or our clients if we do become injured? For example, Marybetts had a serious elbow fracture at age 63, which she was able to heal with these techniques, and now uses them with her clients in a far more effective way. 

7 contact hours

Marybetts Sinclair is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a continuing education provider since 2007, provider #450519-07. 

Marybetts Sinclair – Natual Vision Coach, Massage Instructor, Author

Injury Prevention Class at
Atlanta School of Massage, 2017

“ Marybetts is a hugely knowledgeable and warm individual.”

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