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Vision Issues and Chronic Upper-Body Tension -a 2-part webinar  was presented summer of 2021 for

What Students Are Saying

Student #1: " Loved the visualizations for body awareness and relaxation, and of course, the hydrotherapy. Marybetts has a lovely voice for zoom learning- she exudes calmness, warmth, humor, and confidence. I loved taking this class from you and learned a lot so I will be looking for future classes/research materials from you."

Student #2: " I so appreciated learning about the connection between our eyes, brain and how this influences how we hold our bodies in the world. It makes so much sense that since 80% of our sensory input comes through our eyes, our bodies then adust to what our eyes are doing and this can have a significant impact on the tension in the neck and shoulders, and eye muscles. That we should not be straining, squinting, but rather "let vision come to you" with relaxed eyes

Student #3:  " I liked the Spa section best and also the relaxation meditation. Hands on is always best for me... One big takeaway was that the skeleton follows the eyes. Now that I have that awareness, I notice this in my body in all I am doing this morning. Thank you MaryBetts and Brian for this wonderful class."

" I would give Marybetts 5 stars for everything. She was excellent and the class exceeded my expectations. I would totally take the class again. I like that she used self-care techniques that we applied to ourselves and I was able to use this in my practice immediately. you can quote me!" --Patricia F.

Quilting Doesn't Have to be a  Pain in the Neck!

Preventing Sewing-related Eyestrain and Upper Body Tension

Second Annual Oregon Quilt Festival

Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem Oregon 

February 16, 2024................... in person



Vision Issues and Chronic Upper Body Tension,  in-person class

for Oregon School of Massage,  


March 02, 2024

Simple Relaxing Touch for Everyone,  Dementia Warriors Group,

Philomath Oregon,


Winter,  2024

Hydrotherapy for Body Workers.  Online and in-person class for Oregon School of Massage

Spring 2024 term

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