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MaryBetts Sinclair has been a massage therapist for 45 years and is a former Emergency Medical Technician. She has practiced massage in many different environments, including chiropractic and physical therapy clinics, health spas, private counseling offices, homeless shelters, camps for children, nursing homes, adult foster homes and Alzheimer’s care units. Whether giving massages, doing research for her books, writing about massage or teaching, her experience as a working massage therapist  informs all that she does. For example, it was not until she had been practicing massage for at least a decade that she began to understand how many of her clients had musculoskeletal issues that had begun in childhood, and therefore, how valuable pediatric massage could be. It was not until spending many years trying to help clients with chronic upper body tension, that she came  to understand how vision issues  can undo the effects of massage in a very short time.

MaryBetts  is interested in scientific research related to massage, hydrotherapy and natural vision, and believes massage therapists can combine knowledge of hardheaded science with heartfelt compassion and intuition. Her books blend thousands of hours of meticulous research with the wisdom of a long-term massage practitioner

MaryBetts taught her first  massage class in 1975, first infant massage class in 1983 and first pediatric massage class in 1991.  She has lectured on hydrotherapy to physical therapists, spa employees and laypeople, taught massage at professional massage schools from Anchorage to Atlanta, community colleges, hospitals, and  community organizations for medical foster parents, teen parents, low-income parents and parents of children with disabilities. She has also taught pediatric massage at many special programs for children with disabilities, in  the US, Mexico, South Korea, and Ecuador. In Indonesia, she created a children’s spa menu for MomNJo Spas and trained MomNJo therapists in 10 different cities.

MaryBetts is a member of the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

MaryBetts is also a Certified Natural Vision Coach and has taught natural Vision Improvement and related courses for many years, through adult education programs, retreat centers and at Oregon State University’s Staff Wellness Program.

Marybetts Sinclair – Natual Vision Coach, Massage Instructor, Author

MaryBetts lives in Corvallis, Oregon, where she practices massage with clients of all ages, from infants to elders in their nineties.  She has two adult children, Rachel and Daniel. Other than massage, her interests include community volunteer work, reading (especially medical non-fiction), gardening, quilting, and being out in nature with her friends and family.

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