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All about the hydrotherapy book --2019 research trip to British Isles

MB Hike-rev..jpg

MaryBetts hiking from Loch Ness to Handspring Publishing - Edinburgh.

Pre-Roman shrine to Celtic goddess - at Bath

st bernard4.JPG

       St. Bernard's well, Edinburgh

The statue of Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health, watches over a mineral spring named after St. Bernard, a  saintly monk who once lived nearby. In earlier times, the waters were said to be capable of curing arthritis, intestinal problems, muscle pain, blindness and other disorders, and cures were credited to him.  

Bath springs - circa 800 BC

Roman bath, Bath - 40 AD

King's bath, at Bath - 17th century.

Thermae Bath Spa,  2019

Illustrations courtesy of Roman Baths,  British Museum, and Thermae Bath Spa


Atlanta School of Massage  2018

Atlanta Georgia 2018

Korea 2016

Indonesia 2016

2016 training session for the  first group of MoMNJo therapists. These beautiful women show their grace and co-ordination as they perform a group dance. (Note the yellow shirts with Gadgetholic logos on the back.)

2016 training session for second group of MOMNJO therapists. These therapists, too, show their grace, group spirit and sense of fun as they perform a group dance with hats brought from the US by Marybetts.

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