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Massaging a girl with cerebral palsy

Students learning how to perform upper body massage with patients in wheelchair

Massaging a boy with hydrocephalus

Ajoya, Mexico, 1993

Teaching massage to a local therapist and the mother of a baby girl with arthrogryposis

Students at PROJIMO

Father massaging his son, who has ankle contractures

Teaching massage for a man with a spinal cord injury

Ajoya, Mexico, 1991

Mothers massaging their children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy

Mother and her son with hydrocephalus

Massaging a boy with a traumatic brain injury

Ajoya, Mexico, 1996

FUVIRESE brochure

Physical therapist giving massage to a girl with Down Syndrome

Teaching intra-oral massage to students

Physical therapists and mother with her son who has hydranencephaly

Massaging a child with Retts’ syndrome

Banos, Ecuador, 1998

Students massaging a boy with cerebral palsy and wrist contractures

Local family with three disabled children

Students giving salt glows to children

Marybett’s son, Daniel helping feed a boy with cerebral palsy

Students massaging children with a variety of disablilities

Zipolite, Mexico, 2004

Blind student with 3-year old girl

An Argentinian student gives massage to teenager w/congential ataxia

Giving salt glows during an early intervention class

Physical therapist and boy with cerebral palsy in hydrothearpy pool

Taking a bath with grandma in the laundry

Zipolite, Mexico, 2008

Lifestyle counselor giving a chair sweat bath

Marybetts with Agatha Thrasher, MD, co-founder of Uchee Pines Institue

Electric light box used for hyperthermia treatments

Uchee Pines Institute in Seale, Alabama 2008

After receiving her massage, a teenage girl learns how to massage a friend

Waiting to get a parffin dip

Students massaging children

Children selecting massage tools and toys

A mom and her son holding hands whilte receiving massages

Atlanta School of Massage, 2008

This massage session included skin stimulation using warm water, soap lather and a brush

One student gives her daughter a massage

Students give a massage to a mother

One student gives her daughter a massage

One massage table holds a student giving a young boy a massage as well as a baby with his mother

Weimar Institute, Colfax, California, May 2010