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MaryBetts Sinclair teaches classes to professional massage therapists in three areas: Hydrotherapy, Vision and the Bodyworker and Injury Prevention

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MaryBetts Sinclair is a massage instructor, researcher, author and natural vision coach.  Since 1975,    Sinclair has taught a wide variety of bodywork classes to thousands of professional massage therapists and laypeople.  Her textbooks have been translated into many languages and are used by many excellent massage schools and educational programs.

An updated and expanded version of the classic, Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist, has just been  published by Handspring Publishing of Edinburgh, Scotland. Now entitled Hydrotherapy for Bodyworkers, the new edition contains updated scientific research, new hydrotherapy treatments, and new sections on many conditions and problems from musculoskeletal problems such as athletic injuries to serious health problems such as diabetes and cancer. Many new case histories are also included.  The book is now in full color, with the beautiful artistic design and meticulous attention to detail for which Handspring is known. 

A review of Hydrotherapy For Bodyworkers:


" I taught hydrotherapy to students at Uchee Pines Institute from 1994 until my retirement in 2020..  I mostly used  'Hydrotherapy for Students and Practitioners of Medicine' by George Abbott, MD. for the basic hydrotherapy text.  However, this text by MaryBetts Sinclair is so extensive I have learned quite a bit myself while reviewing it.  If used in class to teach therapists, they will then have it handy in their practice for the amazing number of conditions, diseases and injuries that are covered, with the recommended treatments so well described and illustrated."


 Helena Tolis, RN, Uchee Pines Institute, Seale, Alabama

ABMP PODCAST   2021 Interview about hydrotherapy with MaryBetts :  
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MaryBetts Sinclair is the author of several massage books:


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