Marybetts Sinclair teaches classes to professional massage therapists in four areas: Pediatric massage, Self-care to avoid injury while working as a massage therapist, Advanced abdominal massage and Natural vision improvement.

Marybett's pediatric massage classes are for massage therapists who would like to become as comfortable massaging children as they are massaging adults. For those of us who love children, massaging them is interesting, fun and expands our client base so that we can truly have a "family practice." In addition, from our work with adults we know that there are many musculoskeletal issues that could be resolved far more easily if treated when they first occur. For example, poorly healed healed birth injuries can lead to structural problems, early emotional trauma can be stored in adult bodies as chronic tension or an inability to feel, and triggerpoints from poorly healed traumatic injuries can contribute to long-standing musculoskeletal pain. We are truly practicing preventative medicine when we assist children in working through such problems. Read More...

Pediatic Massage Therapy has been translated and published in Chinese, Korean and Portuguese, and Polish and Japanese editions will soon be available as well.

Modern Hydrotherapy for the Massage Therapist has been adopted by many excellent massage education programs including the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victora, B.C., The Oregon School of Massage, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona and the Myotherapy College of Utah. It is now available in both Korean and Chinese editions!

Marybetts demonstrating massage
at the Holt Korea Orphanage,
Islan Korea

Doing Massage on the Camino de Santiago – Read Marybetts' article about her 2014 Camino Experience

Marybetts Sinclair is the author
of several massage books:

Modern Hydrotherapy for the
Massage Therapist

Massage for Healthier Children

Pediatric Massage Therapy

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What's New

Check out Marybett's Natural Vision Improvement class

"Keep Those Peepers Moving"
Why Juggling is Good for the Eyes

"The Eyes Have it: Your Vision May Be Causing You Chronic Tension"
appears in the 2013 Summer issue of Body Sense Magazine

Marybetts' latest article: "Environmental Costs of Pain Management – pharmaceuticals versus physical therapies" appears in the Sept/October issue of Integrative Medicine –
A Clinician's Journan – page 38l

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